From massive jeans to nipple rings: this week’s fashion trends

Cult crockery Plate drops are the new streetwear drops. We like Ottolenghi’s face plates.

Nonglasses Sunglasses but with just a bit of tint, as seen at Linda Farrow. Ideal if shades + mask = a bit League of Shadows.

Massive jeans The hair-parting divide has shifted to denim. Rihanna and Diane Keaton say go wide.

Int-fluencers Dressing like your grandma’s interiors is the new dressing like your grandma.

Through the loo-hole Forget mystery diners. @sinkreviews on TikTok has turned amenity reviews into a public service.

Going down
Dupe-stagram The global market for counterfeit goods has reached $1tn, helped along by dupe-influencers pushing fakes.

‘Nature is healing’ The pandemic’s favourite quote has also become its most overused.

Pit wellness Thought you just needed deodorant? Think again. Underarm detoxes and balms are the latest arm(pit) of the wellness industry.

Nipple rings Running the risk of making a comeback, thanks to the forthcoming Hulu TV show Pam & Tommy.

Cheugy Doesn’t the word of 2021 just mean… basic?